ref: AP003

17th century Bresciani by Luca Zugno

A magnificently presented nobleman’s flintlock holster pistol, crafted by a Brescian master.

Luca Zugno was a prominent gunmaker in Gardone near Brescia in the late  16th  and early 17th centuries. According to Italian gunmaker historian Bruno Barbiroli (Barbiroli p554), Luca Zugno may be a descendant of the Zugno who was appointed prosecutor by the Missaglia in 1436. His work has been documented in 1690 and 1725.

Our pistol features a two-stage barrel as typical of Brescian gunmakers of the period, the first part being octagonal with a bas relief silver bust between decorations in engraved brass and in 15mm calibre. The lock is inlaid with engraved brass and  signed “L ZUGNO” while the cock, which is also inlaid with engraved brass, features a bas relief bust at its pivotal point.

The remaining brass furniture including trigger guard and butt cap are  engraved and inlaid with silver bas reklief busts while the full briar wood stock is finely chiselled and polished. The ramrod is of wood with a brass tip and thimbles.

This is a stunning pistol, very worthy of the dedicated collector’s portfolio.

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