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17th Century Bresciani Pair by Picin Frusca

This beautiful pair of Italian belt pistols were crafted by the Brescian Master gunmaker for  a wealthy merchant or nobleman.

The Picin, Picino or Piccino Frusca signature is found on flintlocks of the second half of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th century, and is probably that of two gunsmiths, the first of whom died in 1704. The second, who succeeded him, was probably his grandson, mentioned in documents of 1721 and 1725, referring to his official task as that of issuing the export licences for non-military firearms, and in proving the military weapons destined for the Venetian Government. See Nolfo di Carpegna, Brescian Firearms, pp. 176-177 and Barbiroli, page 279.

Our pair was made in the mid 1700’s and feature smooth bores and two-stage barrels in 12mm calibre and walnut, full stocks with partly engraved iron mounts and belt hook. The iron-tipped wooden ramrods are original. 

The pair have been very well maintained and are  in working order, having resided in various private Italian collections for many years.

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