ref: AP008

17th Century Roman Style Pistol from Marche

A beautifully crafted quality Italian pistol made for a nobleman or statesman – or perhaps a princess or m’lady.

Marche in central Italy traces its origins back to the Iron Age and has a rich history of conquerors and trade. Among those laying claim to the region include the Goths, the Byzantines, the Romans, the Papal States and the Kingdom of Italy. It’s from here that our beautiful flintlock was made – and clearly for someone of high standing wanting to carry his pistol.

The smoothe barrel is of three stages and in 12mm calibre. It is richly carved and engraved in brass with floral motifs and a number of grotesque masks in bas relief, including on the trigger guard, thumb plate, frizzen and butt cap. Other representations include an angel and a cherub, while the hammer is cast as a female figure. The stock is carved from briar root, to enhance the grain’s attractive tiger striping. The ramrod is of horn-tipped wood.

In all, this pistol represents the highest quality of the late 16th century Italian gunmakers and would make an important addition to the collector’s portfolio.

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