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18th Century Bresciani AN XIII Model Pistol

An rare Italian-made version of the French classic.

The Model AN XIII flintlock superceded the Model AN IX in 1806. Over 300 000 pistols were made, mostly between 1806 and 1814 in Charleville, Maubeuge and St-Etienne, France. Some were maufactured in Torino, Italy as part of the French-controlled output, but very few came out of the Brescia workshops, which produced some of Europe’s best quality firearms. The Americans copied the design as the Harpers Ferry pistol and used it against the British during the War of Independence. Henry Aston’s US M1842 cavalry pistol also bears strong design similarities to the The Models AN IX and AN XIII 

The Model An XIII was designed for mounted units, each horseman using two pistols. It was also used by the French Navy. An improved version, known as the M1822, was produced after the Napoleonic Wars and was kept in service well into the 1840s when many were converted to percussion. Many saw service in the Mexican War and in the early stages of the US Civil War.

Ours has been in European collections for many years. It is mechanically sound and has a highly polished round barrel of 17mm calibre with the “N” under crown and signature on the lock. The furniture is regulation brass, includimngh barrel strap, butt cap and pan. The ramrod and belt hook are iron while the half stock is of European walnut.

This rare version of the AN XIII is a valuable and highly representative part of the collector’s European pistol portfolio.

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