ref: AP022

A Holster Pistol by B.Caltrani 

An early continental holster pistol by B.Caltrani; worn and designed for immediate service. 

These pistols were a European specialty in the 1700’s when mechanical and metallurgical improvements made handguns more reliable. Many gunmakers throughout Scandinavia, The Netherlands, the Lowlands, Germany , Eastern Europe, Italy and France produced holster pistols for military, goverment and civilian use.¬†

Ours was made in Italy by B.Caltrani in 1743 and while in very good condition, has been carried and used over its 276 year life. While not especially ornate, like many of its peers, it is nevertheless elegantly crafted in walnut and iron, with a fairly plain full stock, two-stage barrel in 12 mm calibre, iron belt hook, a rather ornate lock consisting of an engraved plate, an engraved hammer with grotesque face locking nut, intricate pan and delicately crafted frizzen and a plain butt cap and trigger.

This is a very worthwhile example of mid-17th century gunmaking is good present day condition and would represent a meaningful and satisfying addition to the collector’s portfolio.

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