ref: AP055

Colonial Classic EIG pistol

This excellent example of the classic British East India Government (EIG) sidearm has probably never been in the field or fired.

Ours was made in Birmingham in 1871, when revolvers were already in popular military and civilian use. Note the similar shape between the EIG trigger and guard and that of  conventional larger-calibre revolvers  of the same period.

This is a very robust pistol made for cavalry use – predominantly in India since the East India Company  (EIC) ran its private army and trade business as a proxy for Queen Victoria’s government – and features browned barrel and nickel-plated furniture on a walnut stock with a captive ramrod.

Our piece is in excellent condition and mechanically is as good as the day it was made, some 143 years ago. We have several of these highly collectable pistols in our collection.

Another classic collector’s piece.

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