ref: AP033

An Immaculate Lefaucheux

This Belgian-made pinfire revolver has the appearance of having gone directly from maker to museum. Its 11 mm calibre and lanyard ring suggest it may have been originally intended for military, police or other official government use.

Ours retains 99% of original blueing on frame and barrel and polished nickel on trigger and hammer and the briar-root grips are diamond chequered.

It is quite ornately (factory) engraved, featuring acanthus leaf scrolling to the cylinder, frame and trigger guard. Perhaps it was a senior officer’s dress pistol. 

The barrrel features a full-length flat rib with typically high front sight and is stamped “E.Lefaucheux. Brevet*” . It is similar in basic look to the earlier Lefaucheux M1858 that was use by French forces in Mexico in 1862, but more contemporary of later 19th century European revolver designs. Ours was probably made around 1870.

It is an excellent example of European revolver design and finish during the period and an oustanding collector’s piece for the portfolio and we have several similar models.