ref: AP026

A Rare Double-Barrel Italian Pair 

A very unusual pair of flintlocks made for the travelling nobleman

These side-by-side pistols feature 13mm calibre barrels with highly decorated gold etchings and locks signed “FRACCIA” and “TURIN”. They were most likely made as personal defence weapons for an officer or person of rank. Interesting to note the rear and fore sights on these pistols. The owner clearly wanted an outcome from the four barrels and they have seen some use over the last 300 years. The pair are fully stocked, with some small ancient restorations The barrels are choked and two-stage, being half-round from the tang and have been browned. The gold wash and engraving decoration features vines and floral motifs. There are faint sunbursts with gold wash around the fore sights.¬† The butt, trigger guard and thimbles are of brass and the wooden ramrods are brass-tipped, suggesting that the pair may have been made for a naval officer or sea captain.

They have resided with Italian families and in private collections for about 250 years. This is a rare and unusual pair that would add value and interest to the collector’s portfolio.


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