ref: AP078

An 1870 Webley No 2 revolver in 38cf cal for the Royal Irish Constabulary

Complete with holster, little  pistols like this one were used extensively by colonial police forces to keep local criminals in check.
The Webley No 2 RIC pattern five-shot shot revolver was a popular carry pistol for plain and uniformed  police in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand in the 1890’s.  It used William Tranter’s 1856 patented double action technology and from the model’s inception in 1868, morphed into a variety of styles and calibres including the famous “British Bulldog” pistol that was widely copied by European gunmakers in the last quarter of the Nineteenth century and at one time, issued to the New York Metropolitan Police.  A Webley No2 with lanyard ring and in .45 calibre was sold in the United States as late as 1928.

Ours was retailed in England by W.S.Needler of 25 Silver Street in the English city of Hull, suggesting that it was primarily for civilian use. Somehow it found its way to Australia, perhaps in the luggage of an English migrant. Its original leather holster with plated dome fastener was made for belt/hip wear.

The pistol is in very good condition, retaining some 70% of blueing with a thin plum finish to barrel and frame and with well-defined chequering on the English walnut grips.

While a fairly common revolver, ours with its original holster is an oustanding example of the genre and would make a fitting addition to the revolver collector’s portfolio.