ref: AP031

A 16th Century Gentleman’s  Holster Pistol by ZR

An elegant accoutrement of the 16th century Florentine gentleman

This beautiful example of Northern Italian gunmaking in the late 16th century was probably made for a local nobleman as his personal sidearm. It is of fully stocked briar wood with a smoothe octagonal barrel bearing the stamp “ZR”, in 14mm calibre with furniture in cast and engraved iron. The lock has been ornately cast with plate deeply engraved with a figure among floral motifs,  the head of a monster in bas relief and very ornate hammer, frizzen, trigger and trigger guard. Unusually, the pommel is  octagonal – a shape more associated with northern European pistols in later periods . The ramrod is of wood with an iron tip.

This is a special pistol, custom crafted for an Italian nobleman to be worn in his belt and worthy of a place in the collector’s portfolio.

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