ref: AP015

Baby Percussion Purse Pistol

Europeans have always had a love for small pocket and purse pistols; sometimes for the gentleman, often for the lady.

Such pistols have been produced in flintlock, percussion, pinfire and metallic cartridge and have become highly collectable.

Ours is an early percussion model made in either France or Belgium in the mid-19th century. A giveaway to its early origins are the Box-Lock type frame and turnoff barrel – basic features of the earlier flintlock era.

It features a 9mm turn-off Damascus barrel showing a beautiful flowing pattern that is typical of this early metallurgical methodology, a fold-away trigger and an iron frame nicely embellished with floral patterns and semi-rennaisance-style grips in prized ebony wood. It has its own original fabric purse.

An important part of the collector’s portfolio.

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