ref: AP094

A Classic Belgian Flobert pistol

Flobert, Parlour or Saloon, this pistol was known by many names and was a very popular family  firearm in the late Nineteenth Century.
They were made for recreational indoor target shooting and became hugely popular with European families in the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century. Imagine the pastime on a cold winter’s evening with the family gathered around the fire after dinner and taking turns at shooting an indoor target.  

These guns were developed Frenchman Louis-Nicolas Flobert in 1845, when he created the first rimfire metallic cartridge from a modified percussion cap to hold a small (6mm) lead bullet.  The bullet was projected only by the gas created from the cap’s exploding fulminate, as the cartidge did not contain powder. It was therefore low-powered and at the time, considered safe for indoor use. Americans also took up  indoor shooting and a typical US Flobert pistol was the US designed and made Remington Rider single shot pistol.

Ours is a classic Belgian model with a heavy octagonal barrel, rear and front sights; a carved French walnut stock with engraved Rennaisance style butt, arcanthus foliate-engraved trigger guard, strap and finial.

A very elegant and pleasing pistol, beautifully engineered and in perfect working condition.