ref: AP035

Belgian Velodog Trio 6mm Centre-Fire

Three classic late-19th Century pistols carried by women and men as defence against dogs while riding their bicycles in Belgium and France.

The Velo-Dog (which is also known as a Revolver de Poche) was originally designed and produced in France by René Galand, son of Paris gunmaker Charles Francois Galand The name derives from the French word Velocipede (bicycle) and Dog (Pooch). Many were made with soft leather pouches or holsters and back in the day were considered something of a fashion accessory to the modern pastime of riding one’s bicycle.  Most models, including ours (each has a leather holster) featured hard rubber grips and were 6mm centre fire in five or six chambered cylinders. Many were hammerless and all were double-action. The small calibre cartridges were sometimes loaded with pepper, for those who preferred scaring a dog away rather than sending it to doggy heaven.

A quirky little pistol but deserved of a place in the collectors portfolio.