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Saloon Pistol by Flobert

The Flobert pistol was developed as an indoor recreational target pistol and became very popular with families in northern Europe from the 1870’s.

French inventor Louis Nicolas Flobert (pictured below) created the first rimfire metallic cartridge in 1845 by modifying a percussion cap to hold a small lead bullet. The bullet was propelled only by the cap’s fulminate as this early cartridge did not contain black powder or any kind of propellant.

Our 6mm calibre model – most likely French in origin, c1860/70 – is an excellent example of a typical  French or Belgian  Flobert saloon pistol of the period. Beautiful walnut stock with acanthus leaf carvings; renaissance-type grip and engraved iron trigger guard showing 95% case hardening and blue. The hexagonal barrel displays 99% blue and is engraved “Flobert Inventeur”. The hammer has excellent case-hardening colour and the pistol is in perfect working condition.

This is a pistol (and category) essential to a collector’s complete historical portfolio.

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Louis-Nicolas Flobert 1818-1894