ref: AP103

A Percussion Target Pistol by Fournier

From about the first quarter of the 19th century, technological, metallurgical and ordnance improvements awoke the public’s interest in target pistols and competitive¬† shooting.¬†

Our French percussion pistol c.1850, is an outstanding example of the period. It has a rifled octagonal barrel in 13mm calibre, wrought by hand using the Damascus method and showing beautiful “tiger stripes” assoociated with the best Damascus steels. It is signed “Couturier Fournier” with St Etienne proof marks.

The pistol features an adjustable rear sight, precision front sight, backward spring lock, European walnut half stock with iron mounts and a set trigger with finger support. The metal furniture shows brilliant case-hardening colour that contrasts beautifully with the brown Damascus barrel tiger striping.

In all aspects, this percussion pistol is in superb condition and would make a rewarding inclusion for the collector’s portfolio.

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