ref: AP072

A Fine English Cased Percussion Pair by Cogswell, London

An elegant pair of pistols made by B Cogswell of 224 The Strand, London around 1850 for an English gentleman.

The Cogswell name is a distinguished London gunmaking family that survives today from May 1770 as Cogswell & Harrison. Our pair is in fine mechanical and physical condition. They feature smoothe-bore 17mm cylindrical turn-off, twisted micro-filed barrels signed “B COGSWELL, LONDON” with London proof marks. They feature boxlock type  iron percussion locks with brass frames  that are finely engraved with floral motifs. Iron triggers, guards, butt plates and belt hooks. The grips are of finely chequered  English walnut. The case comes fully populated with Cogswell’s label,  original steel ramrods, bullet mould, powder flask, ebony-handled nipple wrench and oil bottle. The original green baize-lined wooden case has an engraved medallion bearing the owner’s name, “W.Bowerbank, London”.  This is a finely preserved 19th Century cased pair that has resided in European collections and would feature as a special example of English percussion pairs from London’s longest-surviving gunmakers.

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