ref: AP041

Flobert Saloon Pistol & Case

A classic pistol with accoutrements by a 19th Century master gunmaker.

This cased Flobert saloon pistol has an octagonal blued barrel in 6mm calibre, iron hammer and furniture with a carved European walnut half stock and Renaissance style grips, set in a purple velvet-lined case bearing the inscription “THOMAS BREVETE 21 PASSAGE DELORME PARIS” and containing ebony ramrods and screwdriver.

Thomas exhibited firearms at the 1855 Exposition Universelle in Paris and at the 1851 Crystal Palace in London He was well known for his high quality elaborately engraved and inlaid firearms and was appointed personal gunmaker to the King of Sweden & Norway.  

Our pistol represents state of the art 19th Century Flobert gunmaking and is a worthy representative of this genre of pistol.

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