ref: AP042

French Cased Percussion Pair by Firmin, Paris

A stunning pair of ebony-stocked 19th Century gentleman’s pistols with fully complemented accessories by a gunmaker to Napoleon III.

This pair was made in the mid 19th Century by gunmaker to Napoelon III, Firmin FP, who¬† worked for and succeeded Caron Alphonse: Arquebusier du Roi (1839-1852) as the quality gunmakers Firmin & Gaymu, Paris. In 1867 the firm won a bronze medal at the Paris World Fair for their pistols. Our cased pair feature octagonal, signed rifled barrels of 11mm calibre engraved “Firmin a ParisSr. de Caron Arq. de L’Empereur”; finely engraved locks, hammers and trigger guards with floral motifs; and beautiful finely carved ebony half stocks with Renaissance-style grips. The blue-baize-lined case is fully populated with the original accoutrements, including engraved bullet mould and nipple wrench, ebony ramrods and mallet and ebony-handled screwdriver; Also includes original cap and patch tins. This excellent pair have been sitting in a French cupboard or attic for many years and are well maintained. They are an outstanding example of the mid-nineteenth century quality French gunmaker’s art and make a fitting addition to the collector’s portfolio.

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