ref: AP044

Italian Morion helmet (circa 1500)

An elegant and well-preserved original 15th Century Italian Morion helmet.

The Morion was worn predominantly by foot soldiers (Pikemen) who were also fitted with body armour and chain mail. Originally of Spanish design and use, the Italian Morion is distinguished by it’s high comb and two-piece construction. Later changes to military outfitting saw the Morion used predominantly as a ceremonial helmet due to its beautiful shape. While ours appears to be a martial model with regulation rosettes around the base and and no engraving (but does sport an ancient repair of the day, visible from inside), the ceremonial Morion’s also had plume holders in the front from which ribbons and coloured feathers would be attached. They were often heavily engraved.

Wikipedia has an interesting history of the Morion that is worth reading. 

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