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16th Century German Holster Pistol by Peter Solter

A stunning holster pistol in polished steel from the medieval township of Lemgo.

Peter Solter was a gunmaker in the North Rhine-Westphalia town of¬† Lemgo in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He was also a maker of fine rifles and one, a rifled “Boar” flintlock carbine¬† dated 1685 was offered for sale some years ago by Hermann Historica, Munich.

Our pistol, a fully-stocked flintlock, features a two-stage Brescian-style barrel, the first part being ribbed octagonal and a large 15mm calibre, popular among German makers of the period. The walnut stock is beautifully carved with floral motifs and the iron lock is signed “PETER SOLTER LEMGO”. Furniture is of polished iron with iron-tipped wooden ramrod. This pistol was possibly a trade model carried by a merchant or possibly an officer of the nearby Brake Castle, residence of the various Counts of Lippe who ruled the town for several hundred years.

It’s not often that one encounters a quality example of North German gunmaking in such presentable condition and it is commended to the collector’s portfolio.

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