ref: AP034

A Superb Flintlock Pocket Pair By Newton

A  fine 17th century English gunmakers state of the art pair of silver inlaid and mounted pocket pistols 

Our pair were made in the last 25 years of the 17th century by Edward Newton, who practised his art in the village of Grantham, Lincolnshire between 1770 and 1815. Newton was famous for his fine workmanship and reknowned in particular, for his cannon-barrel box-lock flintlock pocket pistols and Queen Anne-type flintlock coach pistols, with silver grotesque mask butt caps and silver wire inlays. He was also well known for his officers’ holster pistols and brass-barrel blunderbuss flintlocks with spring bayonet.

Our pair are classically Edward Newton; quality walnut stocks profusely inlaid with silver wire; solid sterling silver butt caps with grotesque mask; engraved iron furniture and the makers marks, “NEWTON” and “GRANTHAM” on each side of the receivers.

Very few box-lock flintlock pocket pairs of this lineage and quality find their way out of private collections and museums. Ours would form an important representative centrepiece in the collector’s portfolio.

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