ref: AP038

An Elegant Double-barrel  by Canon Tordu

A small, engraved gentleman’s travelling pistol oroiginally made by Tordu (barrel) and Jean Bert (lockplate), bearing the French city  name of Poitiers (LH lockplate).

Our original pistol is from the late 18th century and was later converted from flintlock to percussion.Traces of gold wash remain on the engraved, two-stage 64mm swamped barrels (engraved CANON TORDV) to give the pistol an elegant look.  The lock bears the name “BERT”, most likely of Jean Bert, St Etienne, 1783 Full stock of carved European walnut with iron furniture and buttcap. Original iron ramrod with damaged stem. Pistol in working order; condition good.

An excellent collector’s piece.

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