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The Remington O&A Deringer

With its iconic shape the Remington Over & Under .41 Short RF calibre pistol is perhaps the most recognised “Deringer” of all. It was a favourite of ladies and male gamblers in the last quarter of the 19th century because of its concealment, reliability and ease of use qualities – the perfect defensive weapon of the day. 

The pistol was created and patented in 1866 by dentist William Harvey Elliot (1816-1895) and manufactured by E Remington & Sons in their factory at Ilion, New York. They sold for $6.50 each.

Three types totalling approximately 150,000 pieces were made between 1866 and 1935. Ours is a Type II  manufactured in the late 1880’s with a polished nickel finish and black hard rubber grips. This is the first model to feature an extractor and ours is in excellent condition with 100% original hammer and trigger blueing .

We also have a nice blued version too.