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A Remington New Army

The Remington New Model Army saw service in the latter two years of the US Civil War and became a widely-used civilian gun during the 1860’s and 1870’s as new settlers opened up the west of the United States.

A heavy-framed percussion revolver, the Remington New Model Army  was produced in large quantities between 1863 and 1873. It is of .44 calibre, a six-shot cylinder and a distinctive 8″ octagonal barrel with winged  ram beneath, giving it both a solid, yet very stylish look. 

We have several of this model. The one featured was manufactured in 1873 and found its way into civilian use.  It has a nice brown patina overall with good walnut grips (stamped 368), brass trigger guard and stamps “P” to trigger guard and “J” to barrel, cylinder and frame.

A collector’s “must”, this iconic piece forms an important place in the portfolio.

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