ref: AP050

Silver Inlaid Neapolitan Flintlock Pistol

An interesting personal protection travellers or coat pistol

This pistol has the look and feel that reminds one of an early waistband pistol, perhaps carried by a Napoli gangster (circa 1800). It was made around this time in Naples.

It is a quality piece and appears from its design to be have made for a special owner. Note the silver inlays on the stock and the interesting weave pattern on the curled butt with inlaid Mother of Pearl. It has a 3/4 finely carved walnut stock, browned round barrel of 17mm calibre, iron ramrod, carved lock and ornate cock with a gold medallion engraved “AC”¬† just below the pan. There is profuse silver inlay work to the left side.

Ours appears to have been a working pistol and may tell many stories about the streets of Naples in the early 1800’s. It is in sound mechanical order and is well preserved, having spent some 200 years in family possession and latterly in private Italian collections.

It would make an interesting addition to the collector’s European and flintlock¬† portfolio.


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