ref: AP087

An Unusual and  Beautiful Spanish Silver-Mounted percussion pistol

Elegantly  adorned with  engraved  sterling silver and gold wash in the Rennaisance Art era style.
This beautiful pistol was probably made for either a wealthy merchant, statesman or very senior military officer. It is a personal-carry weapon with belt hook with a fearsome two-stage  .74 calibre barrel.  Judging by the lock, it appears to have been made in Spain in the mid 19th century and has been in European collections until recently. It’s Rennaisance style of decoration and a partly obscured makers mark on the barrel also indicates that it was originally a flintlock of Madrid origin in the mid 1700’s.

The adornments include a gold-washed barrel with the engraving “ERRADURA” on the octagonal part of the barrel, supported by gold-washed acanthus foliate. The furntire is caste in Sterling Silver and heavily scrolled and etched in acanthus foliate themes. The escucheon bears the initials “AB”

The lock is an an elegant Miquelet featuriung a roaring lion’s head  on the plate and cock styled as a hunting lion. The stock is of European walnut.

This pistol is a rare and fine centrepiece to the collector’s European collection.

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